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Influence consumers to buy new energy vehicles in
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          Today, the Beijing auto show opened. The show, to "Imagine a Green Future" as its theme, the car enterprises have to "energy saving" Catch a Fire, carry a wide range of new energy vehicles are participating; whether exhibitors, media and spectators, have shown interest in and passion.

    To address this trend, Ernst & Young on the seven countries of consumers to buy new energy vehicles will do the investigation. April 21 publication of the results showed that Chinese consumers interested in buying electric vehicles, out first in the world. And 65% of Chinese respondents said they are willing to provide funds to assist building charging stations in their communities than the proportion of respondents in other countries nearly doubled. (Note: The seven countries including China, Germany, France, the United States, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom)

        So, what factors influence Chinese consumers buy new energy vehicle decision? Ernst & Young's latest report gives a convincing answer.

  • When you buy a new car next time, what factors duel you decide to purchase plug-in hybrids or electric vehicles have a major impact?

            In China, more than half of respondents said that fuel-efficient, environmental impact, safety, and government incentives to their decision to purchase plug-in hybrids or electric vehicles have a major impact.

    Survey in all countries, fuel economy is affecting the respondents the most important factor in purchase decisions.

          The report shows that the environmental impact and safety to influence the purchase decision an important factor of the respondents, the proportion of respondents in China than any other country.

  • Buy a new car, the choice of plug-in hybrids or electric vehicles, which factors most you are undecided?


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