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Harness equipment manufacturers in China have been
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    The application of new components and the increasing demand for chip-based miniaturization, high frequency of high-speed, integrated, green and other requirements, but also on device design development and production technology, production equipment. With the special and industry-related national implementation of the policy, increase financial support, and encourage international cooperation to strengthen the independent innovation capability, electronic manufacturing equipment industry will be further development environment is getting better. China Electronics Fair to keep the original components in the production of molding equipment; wire processing; welding equipment; dispensing equipment; cleaning equipment; environmental testing equipment; Coding Equipment; SMT equipment and other advantages, the China Electronics Fair this year focused on the introduction line beam section of the exhibition.
    After a year and has tempered the impact of China's electronics industry by the increasingly global financial crisis is now easing, the Government has been introduced in the economic stimulus plan and the huge demand at this stage to promote domestic and foreign markets, China showed rapid re-harness industry development trend, and as the crisis in the high-end wire harness industry shift to China, China as a world-class manufacturing center in the wiring harness be further strengthened.

Harness the contemporary electronic and information industry's fastest growing age, the demand for the largest, most convenient to install one of the products. From the popularity of home appliances to communications equipment, computers and peripheral equipment, as well as security, solar energy, aircraft, automotive and military equipment Dengjun widely used wiring harness. Industry estimates, in particular, launched 3G in China, home appliances, automotive, and industrial information technology and other rural areas of various policies and market promotion, production of 2010 will harness more than one billion, and market demand will continue to rise, This will effectively stimulate the demand for wire processing equipment, and gave birth to a number of highly competitive harness equipment manufacturers.

Harness many powerful business growing into a military equipment manufacturer, gave birth to China's first professional wiring harness equipment exhibition - April 9, 2010 -11 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center held the 75th China Electronics Fair (75thCEF) a new set of "wire processing equipment exhibition," he will work to harness the rapid development of industrial enterprises stop wire processing equipment procurement and exchange platform, comprehensive display of home and abroad the latest wire processing equipment and technology The exhibits cover the wire end of the processing equipment, automated wire processing equipment, integrated manufacturing system wiring harness (wire processing center), marking equipment, wire and related accessories such as the wiring harness manufacturing processes.

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